Monroe County officials invest heavily in law enforcement and judicial authorities. The 2023 budget doubled the number of tactical officers and almost doubled the number of prosecutors. [1] Like the rest of us, when county officials invest heavily, they expect significant returns. So, to justify the investment, these agencies arrest and convict as many people as possible, whether or not they “did it.”

The influx of money also means cases are more solid when they go to court. Investigators have the resources to gather more evidence, and prosecutors no longer allow cases to slip through the cracks. A top criminal defense lawyer in Rochester is no longer a luxury in this environment. Defendants can no longer scrape by with the minimum and expect a positive result. Top criminal defense lawyers don’t grow on trees. In this post, we’ll examine some essential qualities a good lawyer must possess.


A suitable bedside manner is one of a doctor’s most important qualities. To a top criminal defense lawyer in Rochester, accessibility means more than bedside manners. It also means professional and physical accessibility.

Many lawyers only tell defendants about the direct consequences of a criminal conviction and favorably recommend any offer the prosecutor makes. An attorney should also tell defendants about the indirect consequences of a criminal conviction, such as possible immigration consequences. Furthermore, while a lawyer must convey all settlement offers to a defendant, a lawyer should discuss the pros and cons.

Professional accessibility means your lawyer is your lawyer from start to finish. Attorneys shouldn’t hide behind less-experienced associates or nonlawyer paralegals.

As for physical accessibility, criminal cases are time-consuming enough as it is. Defendants shouldn’t have to drive across town just to see their lawyers. Furthermore, many lawyers aren’t good with technology and don’t do Zoom or virtual consultations.


If your chest hurts, you should see a good cardiologist. Likewise, you need a top criminal defense attorney in Rochester if you’re charged with a crime.

The late Grant Cooper represented RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan in the late 1960s.[2] Cooper was an experienced trial and celebrity lawyer but not a dedicated criminal lawyer. Before Sirhan, Cooper’s most famous case was probably Shirley Temple’s divorce from B-movie actor John Agar. Most likely, due to his lack of dedication, he missed some inconsistencies in the state’s evidence. If he’d been more aggressive, Sirhan might not still be in prison today.


We saved what may be the most essential quality for last. Law school professors effectively teach students how to think like lawyers. But only the school of hard knocks teaches them how to act like lawyers.

Experience is a great teacher. Experienced lawyers know what works and, perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t. Proven methods get proven results.

Years of practice experience is essential but also deceptive. Many criminal defense lawyers practice for years and have almost no trial experience. These lawyers often aren’t willing to go the distance. Prosecutors know which lawyers hide in “plea closets.” Prosecutors rarely make favorable plea bargain offers to plea closet criminal defense lawyers.

On the other hand, if prosecutors know a lawyer is ready, willing, and able to test the state’s case at trial, they’re much more willing to talk business.

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The information in this blog is provided for general informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for legal counsel on any subject matter.

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