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Second DWI Offense

Possible Penalties & Consequences

Driving under the influence, or DWI in New York law, has a strict penalties when someone is convicted a second time. To make matters even more difficult for defendants, the “look-back” period in New York (the amount of time the state will look for prior offenses) is 10 years, with additional penalties involving other drug or alcohol offenses in a 25-year period.

That’s why it is so crucial to hire an aggressive, knowledgeable Rochester repeat DWI offense attorney. The Law Office of Frank Ciardi defends clients accused of DWI crimes at any level, from first-time offenders to those with multiple convictions.  

The penalties for

second DWI offenses include:


Fines ranging from $1,000 to $5,000


4 years imprisonment


License revocation for a year or more

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Second Offenses Are Felony Charges

In addition, second DWI offenses are treated as class E felonies, which makes you more vulnerable to harsher penalties in the future. When multiple convictions are on your record, your cases may be treated more harshly by juries or judges, and can be used against you in the future. For example, a third DWI offense in a 10-year period can result in a lifelong revocation of your license and other penalties.

Whenever possible, you need to avoid conviction with a Rochester repeat offense DWI attorney who fights for your rights aggressively and skillfully. The right lawyer who knows the right questions to ask can help make sure you avoid all of the following:

We’ll make sure you

avoid the following:


Prison time


Exorbitant fees


Having your criminal record used against you

Strong defense can change your life for the better, protecting your present and your future.

Why Choose The Law Office of Frank Ciardi?

Over our attorney’s career, he has handled thousands of DWI cases in Rochester. That’s thousands of cases where he honed his skills, utilized the right defenses, discovered weak points in the prosecution’s case, and defended the life and rights of his clients. If you come to us with your case, Our Rochester criminal defense lawyers are skillfully backed by an unparalleled amount of experience—that’s what you get with our DWI lawyer. most favorable plea deal possible. This means reducing, or altogether eliminating the chance for incarceration on your end.

Other reasons to choose our Rochester DWI attorney?

  • Has experience as a former prosecutor
  • Has taken over 100 cases to trial
  • Handles serious, high-stakes felony cases
  • Offers free legal consultations for your case

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