Client Testimonials

Amazing service no matter the size of the case

“I had charges that were not severe in nature, but felt as if they were life changing and enormous to me. I called Frank Ciardi’s office and spoke to a Phyllis on the phone to get in touch with Frank for a free consultation. She could sense the distress in my voice and assuredly calmed me down and told me that I was going to love Frank and the work that he would do on my case. I met Phyllis and she is a wonderful person! Shortly after, I spoke with Frank on the phone who could also sense the distress in my voice! He addressed everything that was on my mind without me even having to say it, and was very confident in an action plan for my case. In conclusion, at court I saw everyone’s attorney sitting with them in the court room calming them down, while I, the only one, was left to sit on my own, but that is because Frank was off talking to people outside the room who he knew personally to help my case out and fight for me! From the moment he walked in the building Frank was going full throttle and knew what was best for my case and me, and he did exactly what needed doing for my best interest. Yes I had to wait by myself while everyone else’s attorneys sat there calming them down but it was a small price to pay knowing that my attorney was the only one actually working and giving it 110%. I was always first up to the judge at every court appearance, all the other attorneys, the district attorney, and the judge knew Frank on a first name basis and had his personal mobile number, and Frank was able to get my charges dismissed without me even having to speak one word. If you want to pay a bunch of money to an attorney who is there to make you feel better, go somewhere else, but if you want an attorney who will treat your case, no matter the size, as his number one priority and work his best for your sake, Frank is your man. While I hope I never need the services of an attorney again, if I did I would choose Frank again without hesitation.”


Great Lawyer “PRO!” Highly recommend!!

Frank helped a family member of mine through a really tough time; he looked out for there personal interest throughout the entire case and ended up getting them the proper help necessary to build/correct there future. Amazing follow up, after 1 year he still calls to check in to make sure all is well! Thanks Frank!


Best Working Lawyer In The Field

“I had a very tough case that I hired 2 other law firms and fired both of them after meeting Frank. He never forced me into taking any kind of plea deal and fought tooth and nail for me. I was facing a 100k bail and reached out to Frank, he set up a meeting at the jail, listen to my side of everything, and went right to work showing the district attorney the victim was not telling the truth. Within a short time he had me out of jail after battling with a tuff judge. He had me out of jail in no time with a deal of a lifetime he never pushed on me and had everything trail ready, which means he was ready to fight the war in trail but it never had to go that far. He had me out of jail without paying any bail. I would use Frank for anything; he is very smart and has a professional way of showing his practices at law. He has a amazing office that keeps you and your family up to date on ever move and plan of attack. I trusted him with my life when I was facing a class b violent felony and possible state prison time. I trust this guy with my life and he keeps his word if you looking for the best outcome and to get you life on track, this is the man to have on your side. He wont quit until he wins the war, words can’t thank Frank and his staff enough.”


Great Attorney

“Frank is a wonderful attorney. He was very attentive to all aspects of my case, and worked diligently to give me the best possible outcome.”


Excellent Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney

I have known Frank both professionally and personally for over 10 years. He is an extremely dedicated attorney. I have worked on many cases together with Frank. He is committed to his clients’ cases and is unrelenting in his zealous representation of them. I strongly recommend that any client hire Frank for any of their legal needs.



Frank was very helpful in explaining all the legal terms. He was very thorough, efficient, informative, and respectful. He was always available to answer any questions and that is very important when you are in a stressful situation. I would highly recommend Frank to handle any legal matter.


Best real estate attorney in town!!!

I had Frank as an attorney for my real estate closing, and he was excellent. His staff made sure everything went smooth and we closed three weeks early.


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