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In order for a crime to be of a federal nature, the criminal activity must involve the federal government or some aspect of interstate commerce. The federal government only has jurisdiction over those crimes specifically outlined in the federal criminal code.

Federal charges can include environmental crimes, federal tax crimes, acts of terrorism, federal government corruption, federal money laundering, and federal drug conspiracy. These crimes are investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

When the government comes after you, it’s usually with several pieces of compelling evidence and several acclaimed prosecutors. It is important to remember that federal prosecutors have virtually unlimited resources at their disposal. If you are facing federal crime charges, you need legal help — and fast. The professionals at The Law Office of Frank Ciardi are top Rochester federal defense attorneys.

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Why hire a Rochester federal defense attorney?

Given the severity and complexity of federal criminal investigations and prosecutions, you need to retain the services of a Rochester federal defense attorney with extensive skills and experience in this field. Handling federal charges requires specific knowledge, thorough investigatory tactics, and a grasp of the complex laws that define fraud and other white collar crimes.

While federal criminal defense involves cases that are more difficult to defend and that are usually more costly, we can help alleviate this stress. Over our 10+ years of experience, our Rochester criminal defense lawyer at The Law Office of Frank Ciardi has defended the rights of elected officials, judges, lawyers, law enforcement officers, senior business executives, and others facing federal charges.

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