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If you have been accused of a gun crime or causing gun violence in New York, you could be in the shadow of heavy consequences. With news media focusing so much on gun-related crimes in recent years, it is likely that you are being seen in a negative and biased light. In order to shield yourself from the legal consequences of exaggerations, misunderstandings, and outright falsified claims, you will require the strong advocacy of a Rochester gun crime attorney.

Look no further than our Rochester criminal defense attorney at The Law Office of Frank Ciardi. Mr. Ciardi was born and raised right here in Rochester, allowing him to give a truly personalized touch to his defense, as well as adding motivation to ensure that his clients are protected and represented fairly.  

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Overview of Gun Laws in New York

In order for you to properly defend yourself from the harsh accusations, you will first need to understand them. The gun laws in New York are not exactly straightforward, and this complication could have been what led to your alleged misdoing. It should be noted that any adult may carry a gun in public without a permit, so long as that weapon is not concealed. A firearm may only be concealed without a permit if you are in your own home or business.

It can also be considered

illegal to do the following:


Wield a firearm menacingly


Recklessly discharge a weapon


Allow a minor to possess a firearm


Revealing or mentioning a weapon during a robbery

Defense from a Rochester Gun Crime Attorney

For every story, there is another side that must be heard and respected. This is especially true when it comes to gun crimes. It may be possible to create a defense for your case if you simply did not know that what you were doing – such as brandishing the weapon – constituted a crime. In many gun violence cases, self-defense may be argued if there was reason for you to believe that using or wielding your weapon was necessary to prevent bodily harm from happening to you or a loved one.

The strength and success of your defense case can rely entirely upon the power and experience of your legal representation. Allow our Rochester gun crime attorney to stand up for your rights and navigate the intricate criminal justice system on your behalf. Depending on the circumstances, you could be facing felony charges – do not leave your future up to chance.

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