What to Do After an Arrest

What to Do After an Arrest

There is no such thing as a peaceful arrest. Even if you are completely calm and cooperative, you are going to be feeling anxious, nervous, or upset. These emotions are understandable, as cuffs on your wrists could ultimately mean time spent behind bars. In order to make the most out of an unfortunate situation, you should know what to do and how to act during and after an arrest ahead of time.

Remember These Steps After an Arrest

  1. Cooperate: Do whatever the police officer asks of you. Any form of physical resistance could be seen as the criminal act of resisting arrest. Even if you are innocent of all crimes, you would then be seen as guilty of that one.
  2. Invoke the Fifth Amendment: It is important to note that cooperation does not mean you need to divulge information to them. When you are speaking to law enforcement, be mindful only to give basic information about who you are but do not tell them anything that could point to potential guilt. You may have to clearly and concisely tell them that you are “invoking your Fifth Amendment rights.”
  3. Call a lawyer: Perhaps more important than anything else on this list, get in contact with a professional criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Once you make it to the jailhouse and there is a break in the activity that is surely going on, request a phone call. Sometimes you will only be permitted one upfront so make certain it is to your lawyer, or a family member who can reach them on your behalf.
  4. Consider bail: While this is something that will not likely be handled immediately, you should start thinking about it. You surely do not want to spend any more time in jail than you have to, and posting bail can get you home soon. Just be sure to follow up with all necessary court dates so you can retrieve your bail money when all is said and done.

Step Three Bears Repeating – Call a Rochester Lawyer

The laws and litigation involved with any criminal accusation that puts you in cuffs is sure to be more complex than it seems on the surface. To avoid any mistakes that could lead to a harsh conviction with penalties as severe as years in jail or thousands in fines, team up with a Rochester criminal defense attorney from The Law Office of Frank Ciardi. Call 585.531.1101 to request your free initial consultation today.