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Why Is it Beneficial for You to Hire a Former Prosecutor?

At The Law Office of Frank Ciardi, we are proud to be led by a skilled former prosecutor who switched courtroom sides to become a Rochester criminal defense lawyer. Under his direction, our firm has successfully defended countless accused individuals in Rochester and throughout Monroe County. If you were recently arrested for a criminal offense, Attorney Frank Ciardi can stand up in protection of your rights. You can rely on his experience as a former District Attorney, which could potentially make all of the difference in your case. 

The benefits of

hiring a former prosecutor include:


You will be represented by someone who can prepare your case in anticipation of how prosecutors will argue against you


Your case will be handled by someone with seasoned trial skills


You will have someone on your side who knows how the judicial system works from every angle


Allows you to anticipate and prevent unwanted surprises

Regardless of how hopeless or complicated your case may seem, we are confident in our capacity to help you during this difficult time. Known for providing first-class service, our firm can prove to be your strongest ally, inside and outside of court. Our efforts to go the extra mile for our clients have led to many satisfied clients over the years.

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We realize that finding yourself on the wrong side of the law can be a traumatic and daunting experience. Our firm can equip you with a clear understanding of your rights and options so that you know what to expect. Flexible payment plan options are also available!

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